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Thread: savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

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    savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

    i have an O-L-D stevens model 73 .22 LR that i am refurbishing. it belonged to my father, and was a gift from his, if this gives you any idea. it's a single shot bolt .22, and i need small parts...just a shot in the dark here, but does anyone actually know where i might find parts for it?

    PM me if so....thanks.

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    Re: savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

    Have you tried Numrich's? Just a guess

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    Re: savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

    yeah, no dice. here's the thing - my father replaced the extractor in 1975, and they sent him the parts he needed for free because they didn't think anyone actually used that model anymore.

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    Re: savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

    i ordered a extracter for mine from them. i have the same rifle. it was mine when i was growing up. i'm fixxing it up for my girlfriends little boy.

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    Re: savage / stevens model 73 .22 bolt action

    If it helps you out any, the old Stevens 73's are the same gun as the Savage model 63's, the same parts will fit them both.
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