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Thread: Edge At Walmart

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    Re: Edge At Walmart

    Quote Originally Posted by bootsmcguire
    I know our local Wal-Mart won't let anyone but the Upper managment staff fill out the FFL form. I was actually denied being able to buy a gun (by Wal-Mart, not ATF) because the only person in the store able to fill out that stuff had gone home sick. Had to go back another day.
    I bought one rifle at Wal-Mart years back, a 710 for my son when they first came out.

    No exaggeration that it was a 2 hour process. I'll never do it again.

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    Re: Edge At Walmart

    Ive never bought a gun at walmart and hopefully never will. walmart has already took over every Mom and Pop store in the country from garden supplies to groceries. If we continue to buy our guns there it will be no local gun shops to go to and bs about guns and such. i'd rather pay an extra 20-30 bucks and know that I can go and talk to someone that has actually fired a gun in there lifetime.

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