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Thread: Model 93 "Classic" in 22 WMR

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    Model 93 "Classic" in 22 WMR

    I think the rifle is very nice looking. I like the fact it looks more like a large bore deer rifle than a .22 Lr.
    Has anyone shot one? If so, how did it shoot? 25 gr to 45 gr bullets.
    I am intrested in picking one up for myself.

    22 Mag

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    Re: Model 93 "Classic" in 22 WMR

    The 93 Classic is a gorgeous looking gun and a good shooter - but as has been pointed out in other threads the HEAVY BARREL is superior shooting than the tapered barrel and the Classic is the most expensive of the 93 series. I love my 93 BTVS .22 WMr and have already shown in a recent thread just how good it shoots. BUT - when I buy a Guitar I am just as enthused by the beauty of the wood as I am by the sound it makes.
    So I can understand why the 93 Classic is very appealing - it really is a pretty gun - and a shooter.

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