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Thread: Savage 24V 22 Hornet/20 Gauge

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    Savage 24V 22 Hornet/20 Gauge

    Hey Everyone;
    I have a 22 hornet/20 Gauge that was given to me a while back. The rifle is in great condition. Can any one tell me about it? cant find to much info on it. What is it worth?



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    Re: Savage 24V 22 Hornet/20 Gauge

    That's a pretty regional question. Here in S.C. PA in he Shopper they go for $350-$400. The .223/ 12ga models go for $400-$500. HTH!

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    Re: Savage 24V 22 Hornet/20 Gauge

    The 22 Hornet/ 20 gauge is hard to find in our are. Mostly if it's got a 20 gauge you'll find a 22 magnum or a .222 at local gun shows. If the 24V is in decent shape your gun could easily bring somewhere around $325-$450, I recently seen a .222/ 20 gauge in a Savage 24 with a Redfield 3x9 at a gun show 2 weeks ago for $475 but it was at least 80%. The 22LR over .410 are always bringing around $300 regardless of the condition their in. I would hold on to a .22 Hornet over 20 gauge, it's not a combo you see every day. In my opinion I think the .22 Hornet is one of the best varmint cartridges ever developed. I own 4 .22 Hornet rifles and have taken several dozen groundhogs at various ranges.

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    Re: Savage 24V 22 Hornet/20 Gauge

    I agree the 22 hornet is very hard to find. I have looked at all the auctions out on the net and could not find a hornet over 20 gauge. Think I will hold on to it for a while.

    Thanks, Rufus1

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