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Thread: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

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    savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

    I bought this rifle new, at a show and have had more problems that this caliber deserves. I bought new brass ,45 grain bullets and a can of lil gun. Fist off it did not grab the case to extract.Pushrd the case out with a ramrod, pulled the bolt put the cartrige on and inserted. Gun fired and then pulled the bolt back and it just barely stuck the end of the case out. I took the rifle home and noticed the bolt guide/ejector was loose / took stock off and found out the threads were stripped. Squeezed the tin a little bit and got it tight. Now it doesn't even try to eject. Has savage really cheapend their products to this extent? I really like the rifle but after three older savages that were very well made to come to this is a big downer.
    No I did not over load the rounds
    no, I have no warrenty
    Has anyone else had any luck like this with a model 40?

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    Re: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

    My old man has one and he hasn't had any problems. I shoots factory Hornady 35 vmax well. I just worked up some loads of Lil Gun and 50 gr Sierra spitzers and we will be testing them in the next couple of days. I would give Savage a call.

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    Re: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

    Yep, give Savage a call! I had one and had the same issues!

    Savage will set you straight

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    Re: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

    I worked on the hornet a bit. I had to put a little bevel on the LH extractor. Then I pulled the ejector again and it looked beat up on the tip. Pulled it up with pliers and it ejected good. I don't expect the tin ejector to last very long. It is quite soft. The rifle still won't pick up the fired case every time. What phone number is the one I should use, they seem to have one for every thing except problems...hawker... >

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    Re: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40


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    Re: savage, 22 hornet ,model 40

    Had the same problem with my first model 40. Sent it back to Savage and they fixed it and returned it -extracter and spring. No charge. No problems after that.

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