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Thread: Savage Predator .223 Review

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    Savage Predator .223 Review

    Subject; Predator .223 in Snow Camo. with 22" Heavy contour 1:9 twist barrel.

    This model has the Detachable Mag., Accu-Trigger and Weaver two piece mounts. No Accu-Stock.
    The rifle balances and handles very well, a little on the heavy side but not overwhelming for a day in the field on a Yote hunt. Also the little extra weight is good for those Squirrel Popping days where you need to reach out and touch something 500 yards away.
    Trigger came factory set at a Crisp #1.75, it is adjustable but feels perfect as is,
    so I see no reason to mess with it. One thing I really like about the Accu-Trigger is it gives the feel
    of a 2-Stage trigger.
    The Stock is much better than the previous models, fit is very well done at the action,
    however the forend is floppy and is almost touching the barrel on the right, do to not
    enough material being removed, actually it touch's if resting on a Bipod.
    The recoil Pad is firm but not hard, much better than Remington's SPS squishy pad.
    Camo finish is done well and seems durable, time will tell, also scratches can be touched up with a small brush if need be, they could have prepped it better before the Camo job as they got paint inside the action a bit, not bad though.
    Action is Smooth with no hang ups. Magazine feeds flawless and spent cases eject perfect.
    Accuracy is right on Par with Savages reputation; See Pics below.
    Sorry I only shoot Handloads, so no factory ammo data or targets to show at this time.

    In Conclusion:
    This is a very well made rifle with only two real Negatives, the Stock and the Magazine.
    This stock will get the front of the action and chamber area bedded, the barrel properly floated and the forend stiffened up. The magazine is a little finicky about seating, you have to tip the rear in first and then push the front up, similar to the Ruger Mini-14. Other than that, it is good to go.
    I would not hesitate to recommend this rifle.

    Targets shot @ 100yds. off of Harris Bipod.
    Scope used is a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14X40SF Mil-Dot.
    Temp was about 50 degrees and Wind was less than 5mph from SW
    Bullet: 40gr. V-Max seated to 2.200 OCL
    Powder: 26.5 H-335
    Primer: Fed GM205M
    Case: Winchester 5 Times fired.

    Next time out I will add data with a 55gr. V-Max Load.

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    Re: Savage Predator .223 Review

    Hylander, Nice write-up!! good pics! I like the camo also. Sounds like you know your way around a rifle action. I'm new to forum and considering buying a Savage also. So, Im encouraged by your write-up. I'm sure you'll have the predator shooting under 1/4 inch in no time! Keep posting results I'd enjoy following your progress. If its any consolation, I have an Anshutz bolt rifle that requires the same manipulation of the magazine in order to seat it properly. Good shootin' to Ya'

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    Re: Savage Predator .223 Review

    Nice review!

    Have you tried any of the 69gr matchkings in yours? I have been shooting them in mine over TAC into about 1/2" - 3/4" groups. The combo reaches out to 700 yards pretty well.

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    Re: Savage Predator .223 Review

    I have not tried anything over 55gr. as I only hunt with 40gr. and 55gr.

    I did get out the other day to try the 55 V-Max.
    Seems the rifle likes the bore alittle dirty, takes a few fouling shots to settle it down.
    After that, this is the norm.
    I have properly floated the Barrel now, but still need to Bed the Action.
    Again all groups fired from Bipod @ 100yds.

    55 v-Max over 25.5 of Varget

    Again the 40 V-Max over 26.5 of H-335

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