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Thread: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

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    30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    Does anyone make a 30-06 heavy barrel for a Savage 110?

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    yes, unless your talking an on the shelf item. anyone can make one.
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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    ive done searches on google and I come up with all kinds of barrels but no specific place that has 30-06 bull barrels. I sent my $$ in to get a full membership.

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    Sometimes Northlander has them he's a vendor/sponsor here.

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    If you don't find one already made any barrel maker can make one for you.

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    I currently have them in stock in a 22" Stainless Heavy Barrel.

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    A guy that shoots with us has Schilen build him a 27" barrel in .30-06. I think Northlander could probably get you just about anything you wanted from them.

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    Re: 30-06 heavy barrel/bull barrel

    Waiting for my paid membership to go through and Ill contact you northlander

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