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Thread: MDT Chassis

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    MDT Chassis

    Anyone installed on their short action yet?

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    Looks pretty nice!

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    I have one on a Remington 308. The chassis is great. It's heavy, but not as bad as it looks.

    If you're an AR shooter, it's the perfect transition to a bolt action, as it feels just like one.

    I'm thinking about getting one for my Savage too.

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    That is cool looking with the built in 20 moa rail system. Hmm wonder what it weighs with the magpul PRS butt stock.
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    I like the LSS chassis...just wished they offered it for Savage LA. It's funny they offer the LSS for both SA lengths, but not the LA which has stayed the same.

    I emailed them asking if they would offer a Savage LA as I would jump on it.

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    Im sure you know about XLR already but in case you don't its a fantastic chassis. I got mine last week and it is just beautiful (tactical style). Kyle at XLR has one for a ton of rifles including every action savage makes I believe. Slapped my 110 30-06 right in and went to the range. Shoots like a dream and has all the adjustment anyone could ever want. It uses AI magazines and he has many options available. I got the Folding stock option and I love how solid it is. However watch the left cheek rest screw against the chassis as it will rub unless you get the standard model. He also offers Military discount if that applies. Check out my intro thread, there are pictures if your interested! . If you have any questions feel free to ask or email him at his website He was really helpful.

    Forgot to mention that I have a PRS stock on my other Varmint AR and I do like it, however the stock that comes on the tactical XLR is so much nicer and lighter than the magpul one, plus is adjusts more. If you absolutely want the PRS it can be installed as he uses a standard AR style castle connection but it might need to be modified a bit to prevent canting, its been done.

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    I have an XLR chassis on my Sako TRG...Kyle offers best CS as he's always there to answer any questions/concerns...unlike McRee.

    I'm going to get the LSS Chassis once they offer it for Savage LA...I sent company and email and they said Remington LA first then the Savage LA would be offered sometime next year.

    I like the LSS because it's light and less expensive. I don't need all of that extra weight from the rails and whatnot. Would be cool to add NV optic, but want to keep weight down to a minimum.

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