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Thread: Should a brand new bolt face look like this?

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    Should a brand new bolt face look like this?

    hi guys, my first post!

    - just bought a brand new savage axis in .243

    my question is simple (and I think I already know the answer)

    should a brand new bolt face look like this?

    I'm concerned specifically about the dimpling...

    sorry for the ignorance, but this is the first brand new rifle I have ever owned. all my others have been 'pre loved'

    I have read that some carbonisation is to be expected... but probably not as much as this...

    any opinions appreciated...


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    Yep...that is normal. The dimpling as you call it, is caused by the vibratory tumbling operation used to finish and deburr. This usually causes a slight dish in the bolt face, but it is not a cause for great concern.
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    Phew thanks.. I can let my blood pressure go back down now :)


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