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Thread: Model 1899 22 HP break down Lever action information about gun. Serial 196 128

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    Model 1899 22 HP break down Lever action information about gun. Serial 196 128

    I inherited a Savage Model 1899 22 HP break down Lever action rifle. Serial 196 128. I don't know anything about these rifles. It is pitted a fair bit which I am considering getting it restored? Can you still buy ammo for these guns. Are they good guns for hunting? Are they a good gun to restore? How much are they worth? I don't want to sell the gun just interested. On the barrel in has stamped MANUFACTURE BY SAVAGE ARMS COMPANY UTICA N Y USA PAT -FEB/1893. JULY 25 1893. OCT 31 1899 MAY 25 1909. JUNE 1 1909. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Interesting rifle! Restoration will kill any collector value, and they are unusual enough to bring collector prices to unmolested originals. Keep an eye on gunbroker to see what they are selling for. Ammunition is a challenge, first they shoot .227" diameter bullets (Hornady I think still makes one), correct headstamp brass is hard to come by, but it can be found. Check out 24hourcampfire savage collectors forum, they are the 1899/99 experts.

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    If it's pitted that bad don't worry about any collector value, it's more or less lost anyways.

    As for ammo, if you can find some European 6.5X52mm it's the same thing as the Savage 22 HP cartridge. It's probably easier to find than Savage 22 HP as well.

    You've got a model 1899H T/D.
    Savage- "never say never".

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    Midway had some dies at one time I think they were RCBS and you could form the High Power out of a 30-30 case, and last I checked Hornady still produced the 71 grain .227 bullets. I'm pretty sure Norma is currently producing the HP cases, but they are much more popular in the Nordic countries and hard to find here. I can usually find a box or two of factory Norma ammunition at the gun shows, and priced about 40 bucks a box.

    PS. Get Some ammo and shoot that sucker .22 HP is a neat little round.

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    Any pics of the rifle ??

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