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Thread: Striker Recoil

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    Striker Recoil

    I have a Striker in 22-250 that shoots really well and I can handle the recoil fairly well. I would like to step up to a heavier caliber for deer-sized game. I am thinking of a .243 or a 7-08. What is recoil like with either of these calibers? Would most people recommend adding a brake to either of these caliber barrels? Also, is there another caliber for this application that I should consider as well. I do reload so I can customize loads to an extent. Thanks guys!

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    there not bad, but I shoot .308, .25-06, 6mm Rem and 7mm Rem Mag from mine with no break.

    Find a used rifle barrel and cut to 17". These make a cheap starting point and are still rifle length if you decide to resell.
    I know some that use good brakes for the purposes of using a rifle scope on there handguns.
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    243 is a ***** cat. 7mm-08 with the heavier bullets lets you know its there. All my rear grips have brakes and rifle scopes.

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    I have a switch barrel Striker in .260 Rem and .308 Win and neither is uncomfortable to shoot. The .260 is really a pleasure to shoot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bear View Post
    I have a switch barrel Striker in .260 Rem and .308 Win and neither is uncomfortable to shoot. The .260 is really a pleasure to shoot.
    How do you like the .260 overall Big Bear? I am convinced I need a new barrel setup for my striker but am having trouble deciding between the .243, 7-08 and I have also considered the .260 Rem. Have you hunted with it? Is it tough finding quality 6.5mm bullets? Interested in your take.....

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    I hunt exclusively with my Striker in the Wisconsin woods. I use both the .308 and .260 depending on how i feel in any given year. The .308 (165 gr. Remington PSP) was used last year for a bear hunt, the result of which was a one shot kill of a 300+lb. bear that went down after approximately 40 yds. This year I carried the .308 for deer, but didn't see one.
    In previous years I had taken deer (nothing memorable) with the .260. All were one shot with the animal usually dropping in its tracks. Loading included Nosler Partition 125 and 140 gr. and Speer 120 gr. Hot-Cor Spitzer.
    I must say the the best purchse of a hand gun I ever made was my Savage Striker.

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    I have owned them in numerous calibers, .223,.22-250,.243, 6.5 CM, 7-08, .308 and .300 WSM. The WSM is the only one that had a brake. With a little work, 1000 yards on steel is quite easy and depending on caliber and animal hunting range is further than you think is possible.
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    For me its not so much the recoil but the sight picture.
    I actually did shoot my striker in 22-250 all summer at prairie dogs just to get aquainted with it. The more I shot it the less I liked it. Even if I hit a dog who cares I surely didnt get to see it.
    I put a 243 barrel on it and liked the groups, it is a real great shooter and am real tempted to put a good brake on it for doggin.
    For big game season a bull barreled 30-06 was put on. Man does an Amax make a big WOP when you hit the boiler room over 500 yards away. The recoil of the 30-06 without a brake has to be respected ! If you let your elbow bend too much its comeing after ya BTDT.
    I have however shot a couple of 6.5 and 7mm hand canons that the owners where smart enough to put a brake on=SWEET! Its kinda hard to believe how effective a brake is!

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    I am converting my model 116 to a center trigger and I plan on making it a switch barrel. Ordered a .308 from Mcgowen and will order another in .338 win mag in a few weeks. I also ordered a .338 indexable muscle brake from benchmark to use on both. Figured that the .338 brake would be efficient enough on the .308. We shall see how will the brake works on recoil next month.

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    The Muscle brake will work extremely well. It's the same brake I have on my 338/375 Ruger Striker. It makes the gun very easy to shoot.


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