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Thread: Single shot target action stock

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    Single shot target action stock

    I am building a varmit rifle using a new #18182 Savage single shot action. Does anyone know of any mfg. that makes a stock for this action ? The last one I built was a 6mm BR and I was forced to go back to Savage to buy a stock. I would like to find a aftermarket stock either synthetic or laminated. Any help would be great .

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    I was also looking for one and this is the one I found. Have a look

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    SSS, Also, I may have a stock for your action. Let me know if it's a 3.44 or 4.44 screw spacing, and I will see what I have.

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    I'm sure Joel Russo can make one for you. He does completely custom work:

    His work and reputation are Phenomenal!! He's more than willing to answer question and work with you. Tell him I sent you his way.


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    If it's a 4.4" bolt spacing you can use any short action, centerfeed stock. You can either run it with just two action bolts (which I what I typically do) or fill the mag well and add a third pillar.


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    This is where I got mine.

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