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Thread: .223 wylde ?

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    .223 wylde ?

    is .223 wylde different than .223 rem ?
    I see barrels listed for sale in both but I see no dies on midway for a .223 wylde

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    The difference is in the throat of the chamber not in the cartridge.

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    The wylde is was designed for use in AR 15 type rifles, it basicly has more tolarence built in. You wont find dies for it, as most people just shoot standard 223 rem in them, but if you absolutly have to have them I am sure some custom die maker would accomidate you.

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    The throat difference is what is changed.
    It is essentially in-between the NATO and SAAMI spec.

    The reason it was "Invented" was to try and give better accuracy with ball ammo(less jump).
    Given how long all my Savage 223 throats have been, my personal opinion is that we already have a Wylde chamber practically speaking.
    The dies are ALL the same, Wylde, NATO, 223.

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    Below is a SAAMI .223 Remington and Military 5.56 throat/freebore, a Wylde chamber/throat is a compromise designed for better accuracy and still keep chamber pressure within limits.

    As an example an M16A2 or AR15 A2 HBAR with a custom barrel might have a Wylde chamber without the chrome chamber and bore for better accuracy and was designed for the AR15 rifle.

    A standard SAAMI .223 chamber has .0250 freebore and a 5.56 has .0500 freebore, if you shoot military M855 ammunition in a .223 with .0250 freebore you will have chamber pressures exceeding SAAMI pressure limits for the .223.

    Types of .223/5.56 chambers and throats/freebore

    Chamber, 5.56 Target, Lead Angle 1 deg,13 min, Freebore .0566, designed by a C. Hildebrandt at Savage.

    Chamber, .223 JGS#514, Lead Angle 3 deg,10 min, Freebore .0250, used by Krieger and Mike Bykowski.

    Chamber, .223 Wylde, Lead Angle 1 deg,15 min, Freebore .0619, Designed by Bill Wylde, has slightly generous body dimensions for reliability.

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