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Thread: stevens 940e 20 gauge

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    stevens 940e 20 gauge

    hey everyone! names tim and i was given this stevens 940e single shot 20 gauge and im in a bit of trouble. i tore it all apart to give it a good cleaning because it was needed. found a broke trigger spring and ordered one. my problem is i cant find video/article/pictures nothing on how to put this gun back together and i cant figure how the trigger spring goes in since it fell out in three pieces.

    i was hoping some one on here has one of these and can help me out or know of any good website or anything because im out of resources and i love to see this gun shoot again

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    Here is a schematic if that helps any.

    If thats no help try searching stuff for a Savage 24S. Should be very similar to your 940e based off your pics.
    Oddball chamberings are way more fun! Especially if they are in 6mm or 44cal.

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    thanks but schematics arent working for me i need good pictures or video im not smart enough to go by that


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