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Thread: Scope with adjustable diopter

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    Scope with adjustable diopter

    With the passage of time, I have gone to bifocals for everyday use. I have noticed that the reticle on my scope has gotten much more blurry lately. Yesterday I tried looking through the scope with my reading glasses on (hard to look through bifocal section) and man what a difference. So the hunt is on for a new scope with adjustable diopter! Deer season approaches so I don't have a lot of time.

    So, I thought I'd see if anyone here knows of any scopes with the diopter adjustment like binos have. IF you know of any, please reply.

    Thanks, Pete

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    Just about all my scopes allow the lens closest to my eye (ocular lens, I believe is the right terminology) to be adjusted so the crosshairs are sharply focused.
    The focus can be adjusted by turning the lens housing which is threaded; thus the lens moves in and out as you turn it.

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    Signtron does

    PSE EVO 57 Lbs.
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    Most scopes have an adjustable eyepiece but that is kind of slow if you need to adjust frequently, I have the same trouble. What I have found works extremely well for me is the European style fast focus eyepiece. I have one on a Minox ZA5 that I love. I can rapidly adjust for changing light conditions.


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    Thanks guys. after reading your responses I check the scope again and found that it is adjustable, made a world of difference.

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