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Thread: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

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    7mm remington magnum pet loads

    I am currently building a 7mm remington magnum and want to know what your pet loads are for this caliber. My purpose is going to be long range target shooting beyond 1000m. Thanks
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    Re: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

    H-1000 and the 162 Amax. Load them touching the lands and work up from 66.5-70 grains, you will find a sweet spot in there.

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    Re: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

    would love to see how 180 gr bergers work for ya! My pet is (**) gr IMR 4350 with a 160 gr speer boattail hot-core....Know that this sounds red-neck as hell but grandad passed this one down and it is over max thats why i refused to post it. Take this info at your own risk, and judge me if you must! Good luck and Have Fun!

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    Re: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

    I usually run the 168 berger with cci 250 and 71.2gn of h1000. usually right around 3000 fps and has been a very accurate load for several different 7mags I load for. as far as seating depth,each rifle is different and has its own sweetspot, but if your mag allows it I start at the lands and then work back at 40 tho at a time. you will know when you find the sweetspot

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    Re: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

    Got to reading about one of the loads the Secret Service used back when they used the 7 mag for counter sniper work and decided to give it a try.

    Rifle: Savage Weather Warrior, 22" Fluted Barrel, Factory Brake.

    120g Nosler Ballistic Tip
    69.5g H4831
    Norma Neck Sized Brass
    Federal 210M Primer
    3 Shot Group=.230"

    This one was moving at 3200fps. Yeah I know it was a 3 shot group but I will take it any day!

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    Re: 7mm remington magnum pet loads

    In a 26" barrel RETUMBO or IMR 7828 under a 160 grain Nosler Accubond, Federal 215 primers.

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