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    6mm AI

    I pulled the trigger and placed an order for new barrel chambered in 6mm AI. But I am having a hard time finding headspace gauges for this chamber. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I should look or would anyone have a set they would be willing to let me borrow? I would pay you back for any postage fees. Also, if anyone has been shooting one of these and wants to share any load data it would be appreciated! I have been looking at shooting the 75gr vmax since my barrel will be a 1:12 twist! Thanks for any and all help!

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    Re: 6mm AI

    I'm putting one together right now.

    I found the Redding dies and a PTG headspace GO-gage at Midway.
    I just looked and the Go gage is on backorder, But the no-go is instock

    We could share
    ...look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

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    Re: 6mm AI

    Couldn't you use a set of 257 AI gauges, or for that matter any x57 AI set?

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    Re: 6mm AI

    Or a standard 6mm go gauge as the no-go gauge?

    That's what I do for 223AI and 243AI.

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    Re: 6mm AI

    I might be blind but I am not seeing 6mmAI gauges on midway. I see some 22-6m 6m-06 etc but no 6mm Remington AI. As far as using the other guages mention, I am not sure if those would work or not?

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    Re: 6mm AI

    244 Rem Ackley Improved is what you're looking for at Midway

    and yes the go gauge for the 244 or 6mm Rem can be the no go for the AI version

    Don't know about the others listed.......if in doubt, call or shoot an email to PTG

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    Re: 6mm AI

    Thanks trap, that would explain why I couldnt find them! It never accured to me to look under 244 remingtion, I am so used to it being refered to as 6mmAI.

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    Re: 6mm AI

    checkout Product #: 468467 at midway, It is in stock today. You got me to thinking ahead, I have a 6mm AI on order also.


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    Re: 6mm AI

    i have a 28" 1:10 twist 6ai, the powder that got me up to the speeds i was wanting with the 75vmax was VV-N550. work up slowly to 48.5gr i didnt go much past that b/c the accuracy and speed i was getting. i was using win brass and br-2 primer and pushng them 3850fps over the chrony. this load sends groundhogs flying.

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    Re: 6mm AI

    Here's some 6AI dope:
    He's retired, but, here's more:

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    Re: 6mm AI

    I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but I think your going to run into problems trying to stabilize a 75 gr bullet in a 1 in 12 twist barrel.

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    Re: 6mm AI

    It shouldnt be an issue stabilizing the 75gr bullets with a 1:12 since people are doing it with both slower and faster twists. Thanks for all of the other information every one. I got a good deal on some fireformed brass and have it all prepped, now i just need to get my barrel so i can put it all together to test some loads!


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