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Thread: Barrel Break In

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    Barrel Break In

    Thank you all for the information regarding the Axis vs the Mossberg. I'm going to pick up my Axis this week and I will be at the range bright and early Saturday. This is going to be my first new centerfire rifle. Prior to that I only shot military surplus rifles.

    My first questions is do I need to run though a barrel break procedure? Would this be the proper procedure?

    fire single shot the clean. Do it five times

    Then do a 5 shot group then clean. do this until 50 round have been shot.

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    Re: Barrel Break In

    you could if you have time. savage barrels are a bit rough and most work better fouled.

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    Re: Barrel Break In

    Definitely go with the axis. I purchased one a few wks ago in the 7mm-08 and love it. I'm also getting another one in .223 tomorow. You can't beat Savage bolt rifles for value or performance. I owned a model 116 30-06 for many yrs that would drive tacks with my handloads. I just recently traded it in for the .223 since the 7mm-08 will do anything that the .308 cal will do with less recoil.

    Since this was a new purchase i broke mine in with the Barrel Break in procedure below and got mine to shoot .239 in at 105 yds (3) shot group coverable with a dime!! Impressive for a budget rifle I thought. Come to find out Savage built the Axis on the 110 action and found ways to reduce cost on the manufacturing process without cheapening the rifle. When I removed the action in my rifle I was pleasantly surprised to find that the action bolts were pillar bedded along with the floated barrel all which will improve accuracy. I don't mean to sound like a spokes person for Savage, I'm just amazed at the quality of rifle that you can now purchase for under $300. (A word of caution) if you don't want an extra 1 1/4 in length of pull on the stock, do like I did and order yours in the Youth Model. For some reason the Axis has longer length of pull than the other Savage rifles. My old 30-06 had a 13 1/2 in length of pull which I lilked and I believe is the norm in bolt action rifles. The standard Axis has a 14 1/4 in length of pull. I measured one at the local Walmart because I was hitting my armpit with the stock when shouldering the gun. The Youth model has a 13 1/4 length of pull and feels perfect for me.

    Run several solvent soaked patches through barrel and let soak for
    10 minutes.

    Then run 2-3 dry patches through barrel.

    Place barrel muzzle in sink on sponge or rag to protect the crown.

    Pour boiling hot water into barrel through chamber end.

    Pour liquid dish soap into barrel to break manufacturing oils loose
    from bore.

    Barrel Polishing

    Apply polishing compound to patch and rub in with fingers.

    Run patch with polishing compound (Brasso) back and forth (10) times in each
    direction before removing.

    Swap bore with solvent soaked patch from chamber end followed by (2) dry
    patches. Repeat this step until you have run 3-5 polishing patches (10) times
    each, 30-50 passes through bore and bore will be clean enough.

    Return to sink and squirt dish soap in bore and let soak (2) minutes.

    Pour boiling hot water through bore again.

    Dry patch bore and finish process by running a patch through bore coated with
    gun oil.

    Shooting In The Barrel

    Run a dry patch through barrel and then fire (3) rounds.

    Run (3) solvent soaked patches through barrel (1) time each followed by (2) dry
    patches then fire another (3) rounds. Repeat process until (21) rounds have
    been fired.

    [img width=765 height=768][/img]

    I'll post another taget at 100yds after I get my bench rest finished.

    Here is my 105yd (3) shot group with my Savage Axis 7mm-08 after barrel break-in procedure above...just shows what these rifles will do with handloads.

    [img width=764 height=768][/img]

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    Re: Barrel Break In


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