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    Savage 110E

    I have the oppurtunity to pick up a used 110E in .30-06. This would be a project gun for me basically buying for just the action and other various parts. The cost is $250. The rifle has a square back reciever, is stagger feed and blind mag, it has been restocked with a ram line stock and the bolt is scribed with 4 numbers towards the rear, this was not done professionally. The ram line stock I am unfamiliar with and noticed that the tip of the stock is touching the barrel not allowing a dollar bill to pass through. My question is: could this be problematic or is it common place with the cheap ram line stock?

    The idea behind this build is to make a med - long range rifle to fill that gap in the cabinet. Looking at the Long Action as its all that ever seems to come up for sale around here and it will give a large range of chambering options as I havent fully decided on what chambering I will use yet. I do have some ideas though and am partial to the .30-06 as a personal favorite.

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    Re: Savage 110E

    Buy it as fast as you can!

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    Re: Savage 110E

    +1 buy it! You can sand the barrel channel to relieve it, try to bed it straight, or just find a better stock.

    I have two older savages that have the numbers engraved by hand on the rear part of the bolt. Maybe it is something savage used to do? It struck me as odd because even though the numbers are different and I bought them years apart it looks like the same person did it.

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    Re: Savage 110E

    The numbers should match the last 4 of your serial no.
    That was so they didn't get mis-matched at the factory.
    The newer ones are on the bolt head.

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    Re: Savage 110E

    excellent, If its still available I may just purchase this rifle. The stock is not of concern as it would be replaced anyways.

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