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Thread: Model 99 in 358 Win.

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    Model 99 in 358 Win.

    A friend of mine just inherited a Savage model 99 in 358 Win. Can someone give me some history of the 99 in 358 Win? I have read that there where several models of the 99 chambered in 358 Win. How do you tell the difference between models? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    99's chambered in 358 were all post 1955, and came in several models;

    Pre-1 million ser # (lever safety) could be an EG (with the schnabel forend), or an F (with the barrel boss at the rear sight dovetail)

    post 1 million ser# (slide safety on the rear tang) could be an F (as above), or a C (clip model), or DL (with a raised comb), or A (finger grove in forearm), or E (with a lever safety, and impressed checkering)

    No mater which model he's got, it's a sure-fire venison-getter!

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    And sure fire slobber knocker!

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    I believe Savage made some 358s in the 99R and 99RS also.

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    Okay, my friend got back to me. It's a Model 99F, serial #923112. Unfortunitly it is D&T. Could someone give me an idea when it was made and value. Thanks

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    Should have come from the factory drilled and tapped for weaver style bases so unless there are extra holes or holes for a side mount that isn't a problem. The F (lightweight) model adds to collectability (but makes it even more of a slobber knocker in 358).

    Can't help you on date - some time in the late 50's. Need pics or VERY detailed description to begin putting a value on it. $800 and up (potentially way up) if it is in good shape and doesn't have any mods.

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    Re: Model 99 in 358 Win.

    I have a 99F in 358 and it is the best rifle I own. The Fs were drilled and tapped at the factory and a good clean one is in demand.

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