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Thread: Value of Savage 340 in .222

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    Value of Savage 340 in .222

    I found a nice 340 series E in 222 at a pawn shop. Has a scope [don't remember the brand] in maybe 90% for $300. Is this a good buy? Maybe some members can tell me something about this rifle.

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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    not sure if its a "good buy" or not, but that seems to be the asking price on gunbroker... I have seen a few of the 30-30 sell for 225-250ish locally and with the .222 being a little more rare (supposedly, I don't have any numbers) it is probably a fair price. Of course you always make a lower offer, right? - Unless you really wanted it for some reason, I would spend my $300 on a stevens 200 or savage 10/110. The 340's are nice little rifles though, I'm not trying to knock them. A friend of mine has a 340 in .222 with an old Weaver 6x on it, and it shoots really good (.75 inch groups at 100yd) as long as the barrel stays relatively cool. I have one (an 840 actually but close enough) that is missing a couple parts so I have never shot it, but it will be a winter project.

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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    the front barrel band hinders them from being 1/4 @100 yds. but most will do 1"

    normal price for that gun.
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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    Thanks for the info!

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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    yep - if you want a 1" gun with a bit of a tough trigger for $300, go for it.

    Don't try to turn it into something it isn't though - trigger, bedding, etc. "It is what it is" and if you like it, go for it but don't think it will turn into something else.

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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    A friend of mine saw a 340 in 22 Hornet for $279 recently.

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    Re: Value of Savage 340 in .222

    I have a Springfield Model 840 which is basically the same rifle as the 340. Mine is a 222. I bought the barreled action at a gun show in Houston for $100.00. It had no stock with it but I found one the same day at the gun show but it had been cut off on both ends, I guess for a kid. The guy just gave it to me no charge to get rid of it. I finished the fore end with burled redwood and built the buttstock up with black and white spacers and a very thin rubber recoil pad. I really looks nice and I'm in the process of checkering the stock now. As for accuracy and the barrel band, you have to experiment with its tightness. You can also cut the inside of the barrel channel down so that the barrel will only touch in one or two places. One should be near the forend and you will need to experiment to find the other if needed. You can use bedding glass to build up the contact points. I have improved the accuracy of mine to 1 inch with Remington 50 grain PSP and 1/2 inch groups with 50 grain Remington Power-Lokt Hollow Points from the bench at 100 yards. This little rifle has taken many coyotes and bobcats and several feral hogs. I'm keeping mine. Its a fun gun to shoot. It's a pretty gun with a honey blonde stock. If you would like pics just let me know. Cherokee


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