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Thread: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

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    Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    I am in the process of changing my M110 300 Win Mag into a heavy barrel tactical rifle.
    Looking for a stock that will work with a right handed rifle for a left handed shooter.
    I also want it HEAVY to take some of the THUMP out... It will mostly be used for punching paper and playing with learning distance. I would like to stay under $300 if possible.
    Need recommendations

    Been looking at the B&C Medalist Tactical and Choate Tactical and Choate Ultimate Sniper
    Since the B&C apparently isnt made in LA my choices are kinda limited. I dont really like the Dragonov style but the Ultimate sniper looks like it offers quite a bit for the price.

    Looking for recommendations and if I have overlooked anything let me know.


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    Re: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    Don't buy the sniper version. If you are shooting off bags or a bipod, that ramped forend sucks. The angle it places on the bipod will cause the legs to fall after initial recoil.

    The Choat Ultimate Varminter is excellent, but heavy. I have one that I use on a dedicated bench rifle.

    After that, maybe Stocky's has something????

    Above $300, would be a McMillan.

    You might consider a factory Savage Laminate stock. Definitely enough of a platform for any shooting. Use some stock wax to protect the finish and go shootin'!!!

    Also, if you are shooting long distance, life begins with 178/180 gr bullets. 208 Amax's are nothing short of sublime at distance. Heavier bullets = slower burning powder, the recoil is LESS than running lighter bullets.

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    Re: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    Try the choate ultimate tactical, it is a-sexual and should work for the right rifle left handed . Then add weight if you like. I put one on my 338 edge and just love it. I do not care for the ultimate sniper stock and only a little bit more inclined to the ultimate varminter which was at numrich gun parts for $124 a couple weeks ago. I just spent my whole evening fighting a rifle into a B&C low end $124 stock and am not impressed but after a bunch of dremmeling and some devcon should be serviceable. From now on I am just going to put any new rifle in a factory laminate or choate tactical stock because that thing has made a huge difference in the time involved for shot set up (stabilization) and recovery for follow ups. Like I said I'm loving it. $220 at midway or $180 on fleebay when available. Heavy 4# with room to add if desired, rigid as hell and sporting there v block which I skim bedded with devcon. Great product if the large grip fits you.

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    Re: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    Stockade stocks will have something for you and under $300 if you don't mind doing a little finish work. I've been using the woodchuck and love it. You'll have a wait to get it but you'll be happy in the end.

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    Re: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    For $175 more you can get a Manners. It is a lot, but, if you are already spending $300, really $175 isn't too much more for something like a Manners.

    Here's a pic of my 300WM in a Manners:

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    Re: Stock for 300 Win mag Tactical Rifle

    If Bell and Carson would get off heir asses and make a LA Savage Tactical Medalist I'd buy one for sure...

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