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Thread: What did I just buy Savage 114 Euro Classic

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    What did I just buy Savage 114 Euro Classic

    As some of you may guess I am new to Savage Rifles, anyway I just bought a lightly used (safe queen), Savage 114 Euro Classic in 30-06 with a Burris Fullfield II scope, I have spent a few hours online trying to find information on this model, which seems to have been produced from about 2006-2010, but has now been discontinued, in my research it seems Savage introduced a number of design changes in these years, but there is little information on the individual features or when they were introduced. I am guessing that the 114 Euro Classic I bought is an earlier production model as it does have the Accutrigger, but has the older style side bolt release, not the newer front of trigger guard bolt release, serial number is G4990xx.

    I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find spare magazine (style or part number would help as there seem to be different versions and none I have found are marked for 30-06)?

    Does anyone know anything about maintaining the oil finish that Savage used on these guns, is it a true oil finish or some modern coating?

    Anything else you can tell me about it, any concerns about the old style vs. new style bolt that I have read references to?


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    Re: What did I just buy Savage 114 Euro Classic

    Let me see if I can help. The Euro. is the same as an American classic, of the same year, accept for the stock. The stock is oil finished, and has a monte carlo comb and cheek piece. :)

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    Re: What did I just buy Savage 114 Euro Classic

    The Savage 114 Euro Classic is a LA center feed model. You can order a spare center feed DBM for LA standard mag. (.25-06, 270, 30-06) from Savage Arms or Midway. The Euro has a walnut stock with a factory stain undercoat and oil finish top coat. You can touch up light scratches with Tru-oil and get a good match. If you damage the factory stain and expose the wood, then it is a little harder to get the finish to match. At this point, I usually strip off the factory finish and refinish the bare wood with Tru-oil. Brings out the true walnut grain and is easier to touch up after hunting season.

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    Re: What did I just buy Savage 114 Euro Classic

    Thanks for the replies, I am looking forward to trying out this rifle, unfortunately that will still be a few weeks away as I am currently recovering from surgery .

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