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Thread: Savage 220 20 ga. Extractor ??????

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    Savage 220 20 ga. Extractor ??????

    Just got a 220/219 set and noticed the Extractor/Ejector on the 20 ga. is broke! I see Numrich has what I think is the correct part # 147700B. They also have a "Extractor Blank" for less money. Which, if either should I get? What is the difference? Also, what is the approximate value of a .30-30/20 ga. set in fair to good condition?

    Thanks CZVZ

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    Re: Savage 220 20 ga. Extractor ??????

    I got one for my 219 22 hornet. It must have been the blank. It took a lot of filing to make it work.

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    Re: Savage 220 20 ga. Extractor ??????

    As to a price.....does the set have both forearms and do the assembly numbers match? Matching sets that I have seen have the same assembly number on both barrel lugs, inside the receiver, and under the butt plate stamped into the wood. It is an early gun made at Utica with a slim profile tappered steel trigger guard with a fluted comb on the stock? All of these things make a big difference to me, in addition to other conditions of wear. I know of one like the above description at was about 95% and sold for over $500. Hope this helps a little.

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