• Savage Axis Modifications - FAQ's

    This article contains a growing collection of frequently asked questions we see on the forum pertaining to modifications and Axis/M110 parts interchangeability for the Savage Axis rifles.

    Q: Will a bolt handle from a Savage 110 work on my Axis?
    A: No, the ramp for the primary extraction is built into the Axis bolt handle whereas it's built into the rear baffle on the 110. Mounting a 110 bolt handle on an Axis will result in zero primary extraction and will make removing a fired case from the chamber very difficult.

    Q: Is the Axis action compatible with any of the 110 stocks?
    A: No, the screw spacing, magazine and trigger arrangement are totally unique to the Axis and are not compatible with any of the various 110 action configurations.

    Q: Will barrels from a 110 fit my Axis?
    A: Yes, so long as they are small shank barrels as all Axis rifles built to date have been small shank.

    Q: Does the Axis use the same bolt heads as the 110's?
    A: Yes - All Axis rifles use short-action 110 bolt heads.

    Q: What is the action screw spacing on the Savage Axis?
    A: All Axis models have the same overall action length and have a screw spacing of 4.800". Those chambered for S/A cartridges use a S/A length magazine and trigger guard piece while those chambered for L/A cartridges use a L/A length magazine and trigger guard piece.

    Q: Who makes stocks for the Axis?
    A: As of December 2015, laminate stocks can be purchased from Boyd's Gunstocks and Sharp Shooter Supply. Boyd's also offers their patters in a walnut option for those who favor a more traditional look. Aluminum chassis stocks for the Axis are available from MDT.

    Q: Has anyone had the plastic retaining latch on the magazine break on them?
    A: As of this update (December 2015) and with the Axis having been in the field for over five years now, I have only heard of a few scattered reports of the latch tab breaking on the Axis magazine. Anything can be broken if you try hard enough and/or abuse it. I've have four Axis magazines of my own that I've had for 3-4 years now and have yet to have one break.

    Q: Who makes a better trigger for the Axis?
    A: Currently Rifle Basix and Timney Triggers both offer an adjustable replacement trigger for the Axis.

    Q: Does anyone make an extended or hi-capacity magazine for the Axis?
    A: At present, no. The retaining latch being part of the plastic bottom plate on the Axis magazine prevents one from being able to use the magazine extensions designed for 110 DBM magazines with the metal bottom surround. CDi Precision offers new bottom metal for select short-action cartridges that accepts AI-style magazines but they require and aftermarket wood stock and the stock will have to be inlet by CDi to accept the new hardware.

    Q: Who makes scope bases for the Axis?
    A: At present there are four scope base options that I am aware of - Evolution Gun Works (EGW), DNZ Products, Redfield and Talley. The EGW mount is a 1-piece picatinny rail and is available in your choice of zero and 20 MOA taper. DNZ Products offers their GameReaper (1-piece) and Hunt Masters (2-piece) mount which feature a base with integral rings, are available in several heights, and can be had in a matte black or silver finish. the Redfield are a two-piece Weaver-style (#47510) similar (likely the same) to what Savage supplies with the Axis when new. The Talley mount is a 1-piece picatinney rail offered in zero and 20 MOA taper.

    Other manufacturers such as Leupold, Warne or Weaver may currently have or may bring additional options to the table in the future, but those listed above were first to market and seem to be the go-to standards based on what we've seen on the forum over the past two years.

    Q: Can I use a standard (full loop) 110-style recoil lug on my Axis?
    A: Yes and no. In stock form the answer is no for obvious reasons. However, if you machine 3/8" (0.375") off the front of the action, which is the exact depth of the "notch" to accept the standard Axis recoil lug, you can then use any factory or aftermarket full loop 110-style recoil lug you want.

    Q: Does anyone offer a single-shot adapter for the Axis?
    A: Sharp Shooter Supply offers their Poly Sled which fits in place of your standard detachable box magazine. Presently it is only offered in a short-action length.

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    1. 65impala's Avatar
      65impala -
      Amazing time travel sir

      "as of today, march 1st 2013..."

      Nice article, I guess you just finished it a little sooner than you expected :)
    1. mugsie's Avatar
      mugsie -
      First time I'm reading it and today is March 1, 2013! I thought is was perfect. Good article. Thanks....
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Haha! Good catch! I guess the cat is out of the bag, I live next to H.G. Wells and he lets me borrow his fancy little time machine from time to time.
    1. 65impala's Avatar
      65impala -
      :) Well, a man has to have connections!
    1. barbc's Avatar
      barbc -
      Weaver has scope mounts lists on their chart for the Savage Axis. I recently ordered the Weaver 1 piece base via ebay. I am now wondering if it is going to fit my Savage Axis youth model, if, as you have stated, the only companies that are currently making bases for the Savage Axis does not include Weaver in your article?
    1. 762X51's Avatar
      762X51 -
      Quote Originally Posted by barbc View Post
      Weaver has scope mounts lists on their chart for the Savage Axis. I recently ordered the Weaver 1 piece base via ebay. I am now wondering if it is going to fit my Savage Axis youth model, if, as you have stated, the only companies that are currently making bases for the Savage Axis does not include Weaver in your article?
      The Weaver 1 piece base (part number 48347) will fit your Axis. Being a 1 piece, multi-slot base opens up a whole new world of what you can put atop your axis. I had several very nice scopes that were just a tad too short to fit the long span between the 2 piece bases but with the Weaver one piece base the sky's the limit.
    1. DTOM5270's Avatar
      DTOM5270 -
      Found this poking around the internet I don't know if it is legit or not but might be something to check out.

    1. Predator53's Avatar
      Predator53 -
      Good info...I. think I ll look into that mag conversion...
    1. DTOM5270's Avatar
      DTOM5270 -
      Sharp Shooter Supply has started to make stocks for the Savage Axis as well I don't think that they have it posted on their website yet but if you email them they will send you info about it. Fair warning tho the stock costs as much as the rifle (about $225) but it is an option for those of you who hate the factory stock as much as I do. They are also testing an aftermarket trigger and it should be available soon no info on the price the last that I talked to them. They were still figuring out what to set the price at but looking forward to putting one on my rifle.
    1. Jerry G Young's Avatar
      Jerry G Young -
      I just installed a Rifle Basix trigger on my 22 250 axis and love it with a two lb pull , SWEET .
    1. Cleck's Avatar
      Cleck -
      I see this FAQ is a bit outdated. The new address for Sharp Shooter Supply is http://www.sharpshootersupply.com/
    1. joebobsmith's Avatar
      joebobsmith -
      Where is a good place to ask about a safety issue?

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