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Thread: Model 25 .223 Ackley Improved

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    Model 25 .223 Ackley Improved

    I have the model 25 classic lightweight sporter version in .223. I was wondering how difficult or even practical it would be to get it converted over to .223 AI. I think it would be cool if nothing else....I would imagine not very many of these exist out there. And since you can shoot standard .223, there wouldnt really be any downside to it.

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    Re: Model 25 .223 Ackley Improved

    I would think it could be done, may have to ream through the action. Not sure on how it would be done but I know it can be. I have a Model 40, which is just a Single Shot version of the Model 25 (basically) that was only available in 22 Hornet. I bought mine used and the prior owner had it rechambered to 22 K-Hornet. Since the 25 is a repeater I am not sure how well the mag and ramp would allow the Improved case to feed. I know on mine the improved shoulder angle makes it difficult to load even on the single shot platform.
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    Re: Model 25 .223 Ackley Improved

    The previous version of the model 25 had a pressed/pinned barrel (like the model 40). This would make it harder to set the barrel back the ammount you would need to cut a proper AI chamber for the rimless case. I understand the current production 25s have a threaded barrel (which would make this a lot easier).

    Anything can be done, but it would be a lot more difficult with a pressed/pinned barrel than with a threaded one.

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    Re: Model 25 .223 Ackley Improved

    I think you would have to remove the barrel to convert the chamber to a 223AI. If you just ream out the chamber, the chamber will be to long and some length of the barrel will have to be removed to have the proper chamber.

    I rented a reamer and converted one of my .223 barrels to .223AI. It was necessary to remove some material barrel length ( as I remember approximatelly .060 of an inch).

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