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Thread: Old member, new location

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    Old member, new location

    Except for Jim, I'm not sure that anyone is on here that I know.

    I bought my first Savage rifle in 1985 and have always had 3 or 4 ever since. Currently shooting a J series in 243, a 110 in 22.250 AI and assorted 17HMR and 22 rimfire rifles.

    I retired from the aircraft engine and power plant development business during 2022 and relocated from Bakersfield Ca. to a 70-acre farm in north/east Kentucky. Due south of you guys in Lima OH.

    I'm currently using my Savages (and other guns) to whack squirrels, ground hogs, skunks, coyotes, deer and turkeys on our property.

    One rifle, one planet, Holland's 375

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