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Thread: Hello from Star, Idaho

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    Hello from Star, Idaho

    Hi all,
    I was born in Savanna, Illinois just over 74 years ago. I am feeling my age at 51-seems like more…hmmmm?
    Spent the first 18 years of my life traipsing around in the woods and fields and out along the backwaters of the Mississippi River. My old childhood best buddy & I used to find old boats in the woods once the floodwaters would recede and (if we were lucky) they might float for a week. We used to try out the old rotten oars and use them until they broke. I used the money I made one summer working on a tie-gang for the Milwaukee R.R. to buy a 12 ft. Jon-boat and a great running Gale 5-horse outboard. It served me well for the last summer before I reported for Navy boot camp in San Diego. My dad wisely warned me about jungle living conditions and talked me into joining the Navy. He was in New Guinea during WWII and came home after he was hit with a Japanese grenade. He told me just enough to convince me that it would be a better idea to follow in the footsteps of my older “cool guy” cousins and older brother by joining the Navy. In those 4-years, I got to experience more than most kids my age. Halfway grew upduring that time and then got married and had a family of my own for the next 30 yrs. in Kalifornistan. Wound up moving to Idaho 12 yrs. ago and have been here since then. Never lost my love of shooting and the outdoors. What really put that love into overdrive was when some big kids handed me their M-24 to shoot at a beer can they had tossed into the river. As a trick, they pushed the side button down to .410 mode and got to experience my first shot out of a shotgun. Boy, I was hooked when that can disappeared in a column of water. I was probably about 10 yrs. old at the time. But, I digress…. Today, my back is such that I can’t get around so well but still manage to make it to the range and enjoy shooting cast bullets mostly with some claybirds thrown in just for fun. Have 4-different M-24’s in various configurations. Still work but from home over the Net as an automotive consultant to help me buy shooting supplies and an occasional gun. Hope to continue this until I drop dead. So, that’s me. Hope to gain a few new friends and will be seeing you now and again in postings. ‘Til then take it as it comes!

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    Welcome. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Joy to the World! The Lord has come!

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