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Thread: Savage Model 99F problem...

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    Savage Model 99F problem...


    I need some advice, so I thought I'd go to Savage experts.

    I was gifted a Model 99F in .308 Winchester from my Uncle/Godfather. It is in very good condition. Several years ago, while shooting it, I experienced complete case head separations toward the case head. This occurred with my reloads as well as factory ammo. My guess is that it is a headspace problem, however I have no headspace gauges to verify. At the time, I could not find a gunsmith in my area who would touch the rifle. So, back in the safe it went. I sure would like to shoot this rifle once again!

    If someone is familiar with a competent gunsmith in the Phoenix, Arizona area who is able to check this out for me, or if you have gauges that I could use for one application, I would be appreciative.

    Thanks, in advance, for your support and/or input.

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    308 Win ( This place rents HSG's.

    Looks like a few gunsmiths in your area. gunsmiths in phoenix az area - Search (

    Sounds like a headspace problem to me, would require barrel set back and rechamber.

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    I would call Phoenix Custom and talk to them. I was unimpressed with Wright for some work they did on two old Model 12's. I have heard good things about Magnum Mikes. In Mesa I would call Todd South at Southern Express. Very honest and capable guy.

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