Picked up this lefty 1980's manufacture Savage 110DL a month or so ago... topped it with a Bushnell 3-9x40 scope (had to use Weaver extension rings facing inwards to get the scope to fit the long action spacing). Brought it out to the range today for my first serious session with it - ran a few ammo types in it: PPU 165 gr PSP, PPU 150 gr SP, Remington Core-Lokt 165 gr SP, Winchester Power Point 165gr SP, and Hornady American Whitetail 150gr PSP. All at 100 yards, light wind using a very basic front rest. The only ammo it seems to NOT like was the PPU 165gr. Everything else it grouped really well. The winner was the Hornady ammo - grouped 0.9 inch. The other ammo it did 1.4" - 1.25" groups. The trigger is still stiffer than I want but I believe that it can be adjusted (3 screw set up?) As sighted in it shoots the PPU 150gr stuff @ 2.5" above point of aim (which is what I originally used to sight it in that way). Everything else hits point of aim pretty much or a tad high. Not gonna clean the bore until see performance drop off... shooting too good to mess with success! (yes, I mounted the targets upside down by accident on the frames)