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Thread: Sav 2 rifle basix experience

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    Sav 2 rifle basix experience

    I have a nice 223 BVSS--I use it for punching paper, golf balls at distance, and have two days of prairie dogging with it.
    I wanted a lighter / better trigger and had read all the reviews around on SAV2 Rifle basix--many seemed like it was a PIA and some gamble--but finally I ordered one--got it in two days--the video was minimal help--it is old showing parts and pieces they ship assembled now--They NEVER said a word about adjusting sear engagement which is a little bit important--So really it came down to a pretty simple deal to get it installed--I was testing the trigger in about 15 minutes--like most I put the spring for lightest pull--first try was 7-8 oz
    It was easy to set the safety screw--easy to set the over travel screw--the trigger would not pass slam fire test--so I upped the tension a little same deal--Finally called them got some advice on adjusting sear and it would do ok no slam but then had odd Creep that was not there before--so he says back off the safety and over travel while you get trigger just right on pull--so OK I finally swapped the heavier pull spring --Then things started getting better fast--I now have a 1 lb pull that feels just right--no creep--nothing weird--passes safety slam fire test now
    I am confident I have as good as it will get
    My take is make SMALL Tiny adjustments as you get close--cock and move sear engagement until it fires then back up about 1/4 turn.
    Then set over travel and safety
    You would think--- they could have written this down or actually updated the video or??
    The trigger was more trouble than need be simply because they are ummm Lazy? Unwilling to do correct set up instructions--he WAS helpful on the phone but ...
    I like the new trigger---I went right out and shot some really sweet groups first try--it does have a little side to side wiggle that is taking some getting used to--I may try and work on that but overall--it seems good
    Is it as good as my Remington 700 triggers? Nope but I guess I have to say Thanks Rifle Basix--for at least making a stab at the Savage market

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    I don’t believe it’s as much “laziness” on their part, as it is a safety concern. I’ll be honest with you, if I had a company making triggers, I would not include super-dee-duper, detail oriented instructions either. Because it leads to problems. Not everyone who woes things to their firearms, have the knowledge to do so. I’ve installed & worked on many different triggers for many different firearms. And I’ve never needed instructions on “how to”. I’m not saying everyone needs to be like that, but I’d want the installer to have a basic overall understanding. I’ve read all the instruction & seen the vids Rifle Basix has put out. I think they’ve done a pretty good job. But, just my 2 cents is all.

    Anyways, glad they were helpful on the phone & got you squared away. Enjoy it.

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