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Thread: Used FCSS query

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    Used FCSS query

    Hi there, new to the board and (possibly) new to the Savage world . . .

    I've been seeking out a synthetic/SS varmint rifle to replace my single shot H&R. This gun would be subject to fair use, with alot of riding about in ATV's and such, scabbards . . . will certainly be subject to harder use than my other rifles. So a synth/SS is ideal. That said, I've been drawn to both Tikka T3 and Savage FCSS. The Tikka is nice. Checked one out yesterday. But along with consideration of the Savage, I've had a dealer contact me and indicate he has a used 16 FCSS in 22-250 available in excellent condition and at a very good price (it will be half the cost of the new Tikka). This gun has both Accutrigger and Accustock.

    Not knowing much of this model and the history, and not being able to easily check this out in person (dealer is a good drive away), I'm still tempted to purchase it sight unseen. The low price is attractive for my use of the gun and the calibre is my chosen one for varmints. The dealer is very reputable and knowledgeable and checks all used guns out personally if he is going to offer them through his store.

    One thing is troubling me, and that is I've heard criticisms about excessive flex in the synthetic stocks. Not being familiar with Savage rifles other than in name, is this indeed a valid criticism? I've read a number of threads about this in this forum, but am trying to peg down if this was a historic issue or is it something that is present in newer guns, with or without the Accustock feature.

    Any comments would help me better understand what I may be buying. thanks

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    Re: Used FCSS query

    I too am a convert to Savage from the H&R's. The only thing you will miss about the H&R's is the weight. You will be very happy with the accuracy but they are about 1 1/2 to 2# heavier.

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    Re: Used FCSS query

    The flex thing has been overblown in my estimation. Unless you are using a bipod it should not be a problem. My black plastic stocked 7x57 has never been a problem with flex and shoots well under MOA. Under normal conditions you are never going to put enough pressure on the forestock to cause it to flex. I have tried to flex it enogh to cause inaccuracy under normal hunting situations and as far as I can see it just isnt a poblem. Plus, the accustock is very stiff and made that way. Go get that rifle and you will be happy.

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    Re: Used FCSS query

    I have been using the savage "tupperware stock" for years and haven't found it to be a problem even with a bi-pod, (sporter barrel). Any of my plastic stock savages will make clover leaf groups at 100yds if i do my part, the whole key is take the time to learn that rifle and what it likes. blue

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