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Thread: Hello From NW LA

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    Cool Hello From NW LA

    Hey guys,
    This is Gary T fro NW LA. I found my way here from Specialty Pistols after it shut down. I like to hunt w/ specialty pistols. I got started w/ a Contender in 35 Rem, then evolved to the 6.5 JDJ. Killed a bunch of whitetail deer (and a few mule deer and pronghorn antelope) w/ the 6.5, then started deer hunting w/ a number of other Contender barrels ranging from the 6X50R Bellm to the 375 JDJ. The last 7-8 years I've been deer hunting w/ XP's, mainly the 260 Remington, 7-08 and 284 Winchester. I also like to prairie dog hunt. I started hunting pd's using a Contender in 223 Remington, then added an XP in 22 Rem BR. I took a 15 year sabbatical from pd hunting for parenting, but started back about 10 years ago. Now I hunt pd's w/ XP's in 223 Rem Ackley Improved, 22 BR, 6 BR and 25 BR. I also use a Nosler Custom Handgun in 22 Nosler and a 20 VarTarget I built on a Howa Mini-Action. When hand loading components became so scarce, I had a renaissance of shooting the 22 LR. In the past few years I've added a Tikka T1x, Savage Mark II and Howa Model 1100 in 22 LR. I've also started hunting w/ suppressors. I've got a SilencerCo Spectre II rimfire suppressor as well as a SilencerCo 300 Harvester. I'm waiting on delivery of a Dead Air Nomad L, hoping it arrives before my first pd hunt this spring. Looking forward to being a part of these forums. I previously converted a Stevens Model 200 rifle from 270 Win to 221 Fireball using a lot of good information from this site.
    Good luck and good hunting.

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    Welcome Gary!
    Vietnam Vet, Jun 66 - Dec 67

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    Welcome to the forum Gary.
    It looks like you have a lot going on. Great !

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    Glad to have you join us.
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