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Thread: 30 Herrett came

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    30 Herrett came

    top is a 14" 7x30 Waters with a Contender frame with a reflex sight and a 2.5x Swift scope (old and over the counter until some company said no warranty and good one).

    bottom is a 30 Herrett and a 2-7x Swift scope (i bought it around 8 or 9 years ago, no warranty...)

    old Lee 30 Herrett reloading dies

    i have an old 30 Herrett trim die and a 30 Herrett HF cut off jig in the mail. i'll see which one is best with my one left hand.

    i looked down the barrel and it was clean, but i'll have to take to bare steel and she will get a drop of oil on the patch. then i'll have a chamber cast and and a lead slug to go thru it. i also don't know what the twist rate is, 1:10" or 1:14". i don't know if i'll use 165gr Ranch Dogs or if i will buy some 150gr FNHP GC? i have found some cast boolit loads (i think ). i have about a pound of H322 and 6 or 7 lbs of Rel 7 and 2400 and 2 or 3lbs of IMR4895. i found jacketed bullet loads, but i don't want to use them. the 2-7x Swift scope can be put on, too. i think my dad (RIP) will smile because i want to do cheaply. note i want cast boolits and a cheap scope to go with the "cheap" dies. the reloading was $30 and the trim die was $25. i bought the jig for $11.39 ($3.50 s&h) on eshay. the brass will be Starline, but i've already bought it and 400 or so brass are just sitting there, waiting to become a 35/30-30 brass. they don't know about the Herrett!!! i figure i only need about 100 pcs, so 300 pcs can wait until...................

    i've bought another TC Contender barrel.........a 10" in 357 Herrett. i shouldn't have done it, but it was going so cheaply, that i bought it. now i need 357 Herrett dies!!! i have already bought a 357 Herrett jig. i'll need a scope mount to put on 2.5x scope or the reflex sight. i'll have to wait a couple of years to replace the 30 Herrett barrel.

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    Let us know how it goes. I have a 30 and 357 Herrett barrel both 10'' with everything to do them but have not loaded any yet. Will try them probably after first of year.

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