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Thread: Question about 110 - 111 sears

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    Question about 110 - 111 sears

    I am hoping someone can tell me what the difference is between the sears of the 110 series, the 111 series pre & post accutrigger?

    Thank you - oldwrench

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    The Sears? None really. Same basic sear used. Doubles as the bolt release & made of stamped steel.

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    +1 with Dave. Pre and post Accu-trigger I am unaware of any difference. I have swapped 3-screw and Accu-triggers on actions designed for either with no change to sear needed. Trigger brackets on the other hand are different, but that's another topic
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    Only notable difference I'm aware of would be for the bottom bolt release sears as they won't have the top bolt release "flag".
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    To add I think some of the older ones were manufactured as 2 pieces that were pressed together with a pin. I only mention this because I had two of those particular ones that broke and I wound up clamping them back in place spot welding them at the pin then filing down the spot and rebluing them. Differences in the model numbers is none.
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