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Thread: Bananas over Boy's Rifles

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    Bananas over Boy's Rifles

    I currently own
    2) Juniors
    2) Favorite, one vintage one model 30
    1) Little Scout
    Page Lewis A & B
    Hamilton Model 27
    Thank you for the Forum founding,
    I'm looking for the value of a Savage 112 J in 223 Rem.

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    Welcome aboard

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    Welcome. 112J huh? Hmm. Is that a single shot? I think they had the funky screw spacing. I might be remembering wrong. They are a rare find. Problem is, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. And someone looking for one of those specifically, well… I’m willing bet that is a fairly small niche group.

    Depending on condition, and just because anything in firearms has gone up in price: I’d say probably around $400 tops.
    So I post a lot! Ask yourself WHY that bothers you!

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