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Thread: Takedown 99 in 300 Sav.

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    Takedown 99 in 300 Sav.

    I sold 2 Savage 99's a few years ago, one 308 99C and one 243 (1951). I kept this one - 1936? - 300 Savage, Marble sight.

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    That's a very nice clean 99 you've got there. I picked up and eventually sold a 99F takedown (circa 1924) in .300 Savage several years back. Was in decent shape, but it had a fair amount of handling marks on the furniture and bluing wear on the receiver and muzzle end of the barrel and some very light pitting on the breech end of the barrel just ahead of the receiver. Probably would have kept it had it been in .250 Savage, but I also had a 99EG in .300 Sav. (1952) that was in much better condition at the time.
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