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Thread: Savage 99 rare caliber?

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    Savage 99 rare caliber?

    Hello, I was looking to get some information from the Savage collectors/experts on a Savage 99C Series A .22-250 Rem. The serial number dates it to 1978. Overall the rifle is in good condition with what I would call "honest wear" the rear sight is missing, which isn't a big deal as I will be mounting a scope on it for upcoming coyote season. How rare of a caliber is this? There is currently one for sale on Gun Broker for $3495. Thanks

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    99's in .22-250 and 7mm-08 are extremely rare birds and always fetch big bucks. I missed out on a 7mm-08 probably 12-15 years ago at a local gun show for $750 simply because I didn't bring that much cash with me that day. Went back the next day and naturally it had sold. That evening I saw it listed on GunBroker and decided to see what it would end up bringing and in the end it sold for around $2700 if memory serves me right. Again, that was 12-15 years ago so a $3500 price on a minty one today wouldn't surprise me at all.
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    A 99c in 22-250 is a rare bird indeed.
    The 99c model used a clip instead of the rotary magazine.

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