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Thread: Stock Compatibility 10, 12, 110, Axis

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    Stock Compatibility 10, 12, 110, Axis

    I have a spare right hand short action 10FCP varmint weight barrel stock that I would like to make use of. This is the police version with heavy synthetic stock and a detachable magazine. It has a top bolt release and the action bolt spacing is 4.4". If anyone knows if say a 110 would drop fit in it I would appreciate some some direction.

    Love my other 10FCP-HS in .308 so much that I'm getting an HS precision stock for its sister. That's what made this stock available. Its a great stock, solid as an oak but 100% of my shooting is from the bench. Thus the change to the HS stock. Plus I will have two nearly identical rifles. One chambered in .308 for cast bullet competition with CBA and the other chambered in .222 to satisfy my ultra accuracy cravings. These are the first two Savages I have ever owned and I'm totally in awe with their accuracy, smooth action and the crisp light trigger.

    But the original FCP stock is too good to collect dust so another project may be in order. Maybe 6.5? Thanks, Bill.

    BTW; I had bought a Ruger American before I bought my two Savage's. I know their cost effective but the stocks are so Tupperware related that you could almost tie them in a knot. Not so with the Savage 10FCP's!

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    As confusing as Savage model numbers have become you will need to check action screw spacing regardless of model number.
    Also check features as well (top it bottom bolt release, blind mag or detachable, center feed or stagger feed etc….). Don’t forget the recoil lug, (accustock, standard and Axis are all a little different)

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    All Axis = no go

    110/111/112/114/116 long actions = no go

    Newer 10/11/12/14/16 and 110 centerfeed short actions (4.40" screw spacing) = will fit

    Older 10/11/12/14/16 staggered feed short actions (4.275 or 4.52" screw spacing) = no go
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    Thanks for the help. That is very valuable information for Savage fans. As I said my second .308 10FCP has the HS precision stock Savage sold a few years back. That stock has the V blocks. If there are any fans out there that shoot off the bench purely for accuracy you can’t imagine how stable a platform it is. Shooting cast bullets at 1750 fps with a suppressor in a 12 lb rig with that HS Precision stock is a lot of fun.

    Looking forward to shooting that same platform chambered in .222.

    Thanks again Mr Baker

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