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Thread: 375 h&h small shank barrel

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    375 h&h small shank barrel

    I have ended up with a savage small shank 375 h&h barrel. I didn't realize that it wouldn't fit a savage long action until after I had the barrel in hand. That said I would like to fit this barrel to a savage action. Single shot if I must, but I would like to get it to feed from the magazine. It will only be used for fun and maybe whitetails so I am not concerned about controlled round feed or taking it to Africa against dangerous game.

    Will it work to single feed each round if I just want to try out the cartridge? I am assuming this is the case with the proper bolt head.

    What is needed to get it to feed from the Magazine? I am assuming again, that the bottom of the action needs opened up toward the rear of the action and possible bolt stop, ejector, and feed rail work. Please enlighten me. I know now that the 375 ruger would be a better fit for the action.

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    It will fit the small shank action. You can run it as a single shot without a problem. To get it to feed, you would have to open up the magazine port on the bottom of the receiver and get a box long enough. If you could get lucky enough to find an action that was originally for the H&H or the RUM it would work without you having to make mods to the magazine opening.

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    I have some 375H&H reloading stuff for sale. PM me if interested.

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    Why do you think the barrel won't fit a 110 long action? Or is it the OAL of the .375H&H that is the issue?

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    If you are just going to shoot it single shot. The get a single shot follower. That answers the feeding issues.

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