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Thread: Bent Bolt Body Long Action Axis

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    Exclamation Bent Bolt Body Long Action Axis

    Hello all, wanted to post an issue I had so it doesnt happen to anyone else. My axis had an unreasonably heavy bolt lift so I bought a kit. When I attempted to loosen the BAS I found it to be so tight I thought it may break the arm so I secured it by the bottom lug. When I finally broke the bolt loose I discovered I had bent the bolt body of my brand new never shot rifle. A better way would have been with an impact driver while holding the bolt by hand. Second best may be a dead blow hammer while holding by hand again so as not to tweak the bolt body. (Any leads on a body appreciated).
    Anyway I hope this post keeps it from happening to anyone else.

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    You will need a gunsmith to order you one from Savage....or

    Next time, put the allen wrench at an angle to where when you place it with the acute angle down on the carpeted floor and step on it, it loosens the bolt.

    Owning a 10/110 would have been cheeper.
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    There is probably no way you bent that bolt from getting the BAS to come loose. The bolt bodies are case hardened. If it's bent, was born that way.
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    Yeah not sure but its bent real good at the window/ramp area. Ill see if I can attach pix

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