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Thread: Bubba Fix for Unregulated Barrels

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    Bubba Fix for Unregulated Barrels

    The barrels on my 22LR/410 Model 24 are woefully unregulated. When the 22 is sighted in, the 410 POI is 8 inches down and 4 inches right.

    I had a surplus Burris Fastfire III sitting around, so I mounted that to the sides of the barrels. The Picatinny clamp has been cut from the base, and the base epoxied to fit the barrel channel. The base is taped to the barrels with filament tape and the red dot is screwed to the base.

    Zeroing was quite fiddly, given the skeewhiffle orientation. But now I can put slugs into a one inch bullseye from 25 yards. I just give ‘er a little tacti-cool twist and line up the dot instead of the irons. Neither interferes with the other.
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