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Thread: Custom build 110 smokeless muzzleloader stock help

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    Custom build 110 smokeless muzzleloader stock help

    Ok guys first and foremost I am not a gunsmith but been tinkering with guns for 30 yrs and looking at piecing together a custom made smokeless muzzleloader.

    Hereís the plan, order the barrel and bolt parts from pr.bullet whom I have dealt with the last 20 yrs on a lot of my other standard muzzleloaders, and use a 110 action from a 110 apex 350 legend I bought last year for testing.

    So in my brain I have this stainless 110 action ready to accept the new barrel, but would love to fit into a bell and Carlson of some sort, and that my friend is where I need your guys help.

    Since this is now a muzzleloader I donít need the magazine cut out, so what are my options? Do not want any sniper style stock just need it to be a sporter style that will accept a bull barrel similar to a Remington sendero diameter.

    Iím sure Iím not thinking about other issues so thatís why I come here for help.

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    An ADL (blind mag) stock would be the easiest option. A savage top load "plastic" stock might fit the bill.
    Another would be custom made stock but that is a long wait and expensive.
    There were some threads on muzzleloaders here in the past, you might try advanced search to find them.

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    Unfortunately everything Savage makes today is equipped with a DBM so finding a blind mag factory stock for a 4.40" action is pretty tough. OEM stocks are out there though as Savage did make them from 2005-??. Haven't checked out B&C's offerings in quite some time so no clue if they offer a blind mag option for that screw spacing.

    The other option would be to play around on Boyd's website with the different model numbers and see if you can't find a 4.40" blind mag option. It will come with a sporter barrel channel, but it can easily be opened up to take the larger barrel.

    As for filling in the blind mag well, many have done that over the years by simply epoxying in a block of wood.
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