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Thread: Axis action

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    Axis action

    I have a axis 243 action with the box clip/magazine
    Are these a good action to build off or not..? If they are
    I am thinking of selling it..I guess you could say its a small
    shank barrel...Thanks.

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    Sure. Good actions. What would be its purpose ?

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    It is not an action I would choose to invest a lot of money in. Having said that I have one in .223 that I put a Boyd's stock on and upgraded the scope. They do usually shoot well. If I wanted to change barrels in mine I'd get a 'take off' barrel for it and not a premium one. Not because the action is not strong enough, I just don't like the feel of it that much. There is a noticeable difference between it and my model 12.

    If I wanted a rifle to do long range precision shooting with the idea of upgrading to a high premium barrel, heavier stock and such, I would choose a 110 series or even go to a Rem700 design.

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    Yes and no.

    Cheap - The Axis was designed to be inexpensive to manufacture, and that shows through when it comes to the cost of a project rifle. I've seen used Axises have higher price tags than new ones. I attribute part of that to boneheadedness on the parts of those stores, but the other part must be the model's low MSRP.
    Mechanically sound - It may be cheap to make, but it's hard to find anything wrong with the Axis design apart from being unrefined. Even the most radical departure from de rigueur bolt action rifle design--the recoil lug--isn't bad by any means, and history hasn't borne out a plague of failures or poor accuracy stemming from it over the last eleven years. I can't cite anything overwhelmingly good about the design that other designs lack, but intrinsically it seems to be as good as any other mass produced rifle out there today.
    Use of Savage 10/110 prefits: Maybe this should have been the first on my list, but this is huge for building an Axis project. Savage small shank prefit and takeoff barrels are everywhere and in every configuration imaginable it seems. The Savage barrel nut system (and especially the splined Axis barrel nut) make it easy and fast to properly install and headspace a barrel on a rifle.

    Limited aftermarket support: Being such a new design, it's not surprising that the aftermarket for the Axis is less diverse than older models like the 10/110 and Remington 700. It's gotten better in the last few years especially, but it is still more difficult to find Axis-specific parts.
    Only one action length: The fact that the Axis uses the same action length for all of its factory chamberings from .223 Rem to .30-06 lends itself to the fact that there can be a lot of wasted space and extra weight (especially with the closed top design) in the receiver.

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