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Thread: Correct Handed lead Pushers

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    Correct Handed lead Pushers

    Hover over pics for caliber. Took a few years to find these, none are "collectors", but to me they are keepers.
    I will get a pic of my Savage when finished.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails LH 45 pistol 1.jpg   LH 54 ML2.jpg   LH flint 50 5.jpg   LH flint 50 1.jpg   12 ga LH small.jpg  

    300 pistol 2.jpg   LH 7mm 1.jpg   stock stump 2.jpg  
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    How cool are those?? Left handed people are in their right minds.
    I'am right handed but wanted to try a lefty strictly for bench shooting.
    Got a Savage Model 12 left hand repeater, set it up as a single shot and fit it on a V Block in a right hand thumb hole BR style stock.
    Right hand stays in the thumb hole and my free left hand works the bolt and feeds the ammo. LOVE IT!!
    Only problem? Going back, taking my hand off the stocks to work the bolt on my right hand rigs..
    We get what works for us!!
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