I am a new owner of a 23C, 32-20 . Not to bad of shape but always looking for things to improve or replace if needed. 1 is the stock. over all good shape with a minor split up at the front end. I believe I'll be able to strength that spot easily. BUT always look for replacement ! I dont search on many websites (numrich arms , etc) they have a stock but not in stock ! (no pun) . Does anyone know of custom stock makers who reproduce vintage stocks ?

Also need to replace the forend stock bolt , is there any possible alternative bolt ?

lastly , this rifle has mount holes on the side for a scope mount and drilled on top too. No luck as of today finding possible parts, so are there
any machinists who maybe recreating such parts

I see that the weaver t-1 or T-2 mount works ?

and the lyman #42 rear peep sight would fit too ?

I started new thread as instructed instead of replying to old one;