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Thread: The Search for the Unicorn Rifle

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    The Search for the Unicorn Rifle

    Just about this time last year I began reading about the 6mm BR cartridge that had been legitimized by Hornady and sold to the American military as the “6mm ARC (Advanced Rife Cartridge)”. The round is a slightly modified 6mm Bench Rest that uses the 7.62 x 39 shell necked down and with a sharper shoulder to accept long/heavy for caliber low drag projectiles.

    Now, I’m no long-range competitor or hunter of African elephants but I thought this sounded like a fun caliber for playing with in general. I already have the obligatory AR platform(s) for which it was originally designed, large and medium game rifles but I wanted a bolt action anyway…just to play with.

    As it turns out, Savage Arms has the Model 110 Tactical with a stiff barrel, 18 inches long and threaded for whatever you would like, with an installed Picatinny rail, and it accepts the AICS magazines. The entire package was less than 1,000 shekels so I ordered one…in July of 2020!

    I spoke with Savage in the last week of March 2021 and Customer Service told me there was nothing they could do for me or anyone else I could speak with about the situation and that I should just “try to be patient”.

    I told the customer service guy, “Look, I’m 67 years old. Is there a remote chance I will see my rifle in this life?”

    He said, “Maybe…”

    I local gun shop told me their distributors are not even taking orders at this time until they can catch up on the backorder list.


    I am getting to the point that I think I’ll have better odds of shooting a Unicorn than getting my new rifle!
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    I'd cancel the order and ask for a refund.

    Then see if you can find what you want in stock somewhere.

    IIRC the 6ARC is not related to the 6BR and had less capacity. I would suspect you'd have better luck finding a 6BR as well as brass and dies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie b View Post

    the 6ARC is not related to the 6BR and had less capacity. I would suspect you'd have better luck finding a 6BR as well as brass and dies.

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    Charlie is correct. The 6BR is a short version of the .308 Win family of cartridges.
    The 6ARC is more closely related to the 6PPC formed from the Russian case.
    Without looking it up, I think the 6ARC parent case is the Grendel.
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    Try to find a Grendel!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do what I did. Buy the 110 Tactical in another caliber like the .308 and do a barrel, bolt, and mag swap. That’s how I made my 6.8 spc. I bought an ARP barrel, got another bolt head from PTG, and modified a .224 Valkyrie mag to accept a 6.8 spc cartridge. Maybe you’ll even be able to use the .308 mag that comes with it if the 6mm arc is based off the .308. For what it’s worth, I sold the .308 fluted barrel that it came with on EBay for $300.

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