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Thread: Accustock bedding question

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    Accustock bedding question

    So I have a new Storm .308 with the Accustock, seems like an excellent rifle. I was looking at the fit of the action in the Accustock aluminum bed. It seems like there is very little contact surface between the action and the bed, maybe 1" length between the recoil lug and the magazine aperture, and 1/3" in between the magazine and the trigger guard screw. Also, the bed is flat at those points, but the action is cylindrical. So the whole bedding contact is the lug, the screws, and these two short narrow lines of contact? It doesn't seem like there is a close fit to the vertical sides of the bed. What am I not understanding, it doesn't seem like enough contact?

    (Editing) - I see from other posts there is actually good contact to the sides if you torque it right. Okaaaay....

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    I thought the same thing, not much contact. I understand you have to use the correct torque to pull the action down into the rails. Too much and I would think you could spread the rails and not enough and you don't get good contact. Don't remember the inch pounds, but they are posted on here.


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    So the whole bedding contact is the lug,
    No you have the bottom rail that you action seats to, and you have the side rails. Is it a solid aluminum Chassis? No. It is an Accustock. Engineered to be lightweight and more ridged that a plain Jane plastic stock.
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