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Thread: Just some guy who likes guns, yeah?

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    Just some guy who likes guns, yeah?

    I was raised in the country, had to move to the city for work and school, but go home when I can. Where I was raised //everyone// learns to shoot but I got into it about 3 years ago, really digging the long(er) range. I have access to a 500m range, and a neighbor is about to set up a 700m, and maybe 1500m if we can get permission from the owner of another farmer to shoot across a corner of his land.
    I've only got one Savage, an MSR-10 Long Range. Actually sort of disappointed in the warm barrel accuracy, first few shots are fantastic, then the pattern begins to open up /real/ quick. By the 12th shot, I'm getting a 4" spread at 100m. I'm just going to purchase a replacement barrel for it, sent it back to Savage twice, I think replacing the barrel will be the path of least resistance.
    I'm looking to purchase a .338 Stealth Evolution, cruising the shops almost daily hoping for Savage to ship one.
    I've about shot out .308, ringing 6" steel regularly at 500 with another rifle, and more often than not at 700. Not really interested in 6.5Creed, seems kind of redundant since I already have so much in .308. Time for a big girl. Hopefully I can crack open my piggy bank someday soon and bring one home.
    Sorry, rambling a bit, pretty tired.
    See you all around.

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    Welome aboard

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