I purchased this beautiful little rifle from the widow of the original owner. Johnnie was sure a pal. Geezus, we used to laugh.

The metal is 95% condition. Stock is scratched up but would not take much to refinish - no nasty dings or gouges. I made a new but pad from Numrich with a Wheeler jig for fitting. It almost looks like it grew there - see my other posts.

I've actually not shot this one yet. I bought so many gun show firearms in the two years after moving to AZ that I actually have not gotten around to shooting a whole bunch of stuff yet (in fact, I've promised mesef that I won't do another gun show until I have shot every weapon I own!)

The muzzle is in nice shape, esp. since this is a takedown and can be cleaned from the breach.

The inside of the barrel is a lead mine. There might be small amounts of rust, but not much.

Can somebody point me at the best way to restore this barrel w/o damaging it?

It has been said that more 22 rifles have been ruint by poor cleaning than by no cleaning? This one is in the "NONE" category.

I have access to lab grade DC power supplies and such for electrolytic cleaning, and practically any solvent or mechanical device known to man. I've just never cleaned rimfire barrels.

Got a 30 year old Marlin 60 SS that likely has 2000+/- rounds thru it. E-borescope shows it to be yet another lead mine, as I have never cleaned the barrel.

Still, it shoots like a house afire.